About Us

Our Mission

To generate sustainable livelihood through design.


Our vision

Human Rights and Equal Employment UN SDG 5

We at folk bring fundamental human right of gender equality to reality by employing men, women, transgender and person with disabilities. Whoever really have the skill. We see diversity as a unique advantage.

We base this on UN SDG 5: Gender Equality.

Decent Work and Collective Growth UN SDG 8

We make traditional skill sets relevant through design. Every day at folk we are weaving tangible collective practices that generate humane and loving conditions for qualitative work and livelihood at scale.

We base this on UN SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth.

Conscious Consumption and Zero waste Production UN SDG 12

Own what you need. We take pride for not churning out new collections every season, instead we focus on, creating all purpose designs that last longer, zero waste production mechanisms and for recycling our own factory waste to create whole new range of product lines.

We base this on UN SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and


How we do it

Designing mindfully simple styles

Our products are classic, functional and innovative. We don’t care about seasonal trends. We design mindfully, make products with love and care using natural materials and sturdy hardware to make them last longer.

Improving lives of people involved

By focusing on creating aware products and business cycles, we make sure the lives and standards of the people, involved in the production, are raised.

Reducing energy consumption

Our factory is conscious of every bit of energy and resource used in making the products. We keep tabs and curtail use wherever possible.

Assessing impact and feedback

We take feedback from our customers to improve our products. And we connect with other groups and individuals in the pod to get inspired and assess our impact on the planet.


About usAbout us