Folk :: Skill development
It's 100% placement based


At Folk, we believe in making one’s life a little simpler by weaving in thoughtful innovations in all our bags and accessories which we create from natural materials like jute, juco, cotton and canvas. And in line with our larger worldview, our very own skill training program is been conceived to pro- vide holistic training on two levels. These constitute:

  • Teaching them the professional activities practised at Folk as part of basic and advanced apprenticeship training
  • Inculcating in them independent thought and imagination in the form of conversations, workshops and recreational pursuits

This in an inclusive training program


Training hall - 1 room 700 sq ft Class room - 1 room 500 sq ft Wholly in-house production 5000 sq ft. Our production center is conveniently located in the Government Industrial Estate. 150 meters from railway station, 7.7 mtrs. from airport and easily accessible through other public transportation. Bio matrices attendance CCTV Camera Separate Washrooms for men and women Commercial and industrial electric supply of electricity and WI-FI enabled Full time supervision of the training

Bio Metrices


Our skill program includes :

  • Arranging one-on-one interactive sessions with each student to evaluate their individual inclinations and needs
  • Orienting them in Folk’s areas of speciality such as stitching, printing, quality checking, packaging
  • Imparting basic and advance training
  • Ensuring placement or livelihood generation through setting up micro enterprises.

At its core, this initiative is a humble step to steer trainees towards their own direction in life by means of an interdependent ecosystem of careful guidance and mentorship that would not only equip them with tangible skills and accomplishments but also emancipate their individual selves.