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We make products for people. And that is why we call ourselves folk. We started out with a will to solve the problems of livelihood through design interventions, using natural materials. Design that we ourselves wanted to use in our daily lives.

Here, we also realised that a nation’s local creations were strong in materials, technique and skill, but lacked functionality and minimalism (hallmarks of ‘good global design’). They could not keep up with the demand of modern day lifestyle. This pushed them to their deaths sooner than later. Thus, by connecting the scattered dots and filling the need gaps, we built a resident creative team. It was a set of empathetic doers who could create daily-use products using natural materials. Quality -centric, user-friendly and minimally-designed.

Slowly but surely, our ideology took flight and we grew. Our factory-folk now live respectful lives. They sustain. We sustain. folk today is a social enterprise of members with different identities, ethnicities, cultures, abilities, and disabilities. And we are still growing to reach newer heights.

Want to know us better or connect with our viewpoint a tad more? Key in your message, share your thoughts with us and we will surely get back to you.  


Stop in to see us and join us for some conversation with a side of “cha-biskut” (tea-and-cookies)? 

 Call: +91 33 2355 4445-6