• Folk Chronicles

    Who could’ve guessed that even a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, we would be pulled out from our offices and be thrust back in...
  • Fast Fashion - The Villain in our Closets

    Fast Fashion – The Villain in our Closets Villains don’t always exist in movies. Sometimes, they live in our closets. The name of this particular...
  • Design for Dignity

    Folk's dream project to generate 1,00,000 consistent, dignified, and sustainable livelihoods for rural weavers, artisans, and other skilled or unskilled youth of India through a series of Comprehensive Skill Training Programs.

  • Degrees and marks (or, lack thereof) are not a testament to one’s skill and knowledge

    There’s a whole world of knowledge that exists beyond the constraints of schools, colleges, marks and degrees. Sure, books can teach you that the m...
  • We messed up ... again!

    Earth Overshoot Day 2020