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Design for Dignity

Folk's dream project to generate 1,00,000 consistent, dignified, and sustainable livelihoods for rural weavers, artisans, and other skilled or unskilled youth of India through a series of Comprehensive Skill Training Programs.

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Degrees and marks (or, lack thereof) are not a testament to one’s skill and knowledge

There’s a whole world of knowledge that exists beyond the constraints of schools, colleges, marks and degrees. Sure, books can teach you that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell and such theoretical information which doesn’t really come handy in everyday life for the average person. What they can’t teach us is empathy, or work ethics, or teamwork, and many other such soft skills that are essential in practical work and life. At folk, we firmly believe that degrees and marks (or, lack thereof) are not a testament to one’s skill and knowledge. Since our genesis, we have pioneered generating sustainable livelihood for individuals. Our most significant guiding principle is to be, and to make others, self-reliant and the best version of one’s self. To achieve...

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