Ethical Trade

Workers of the fashion industry are among some of the most under-paid and overworked people in the world. It is estimated that there are close to 30 million workers caught in an infinite loop of what is known as “modern day slavery.”

Our vision is to build a world where all workers, no matter where they may fall on the supply chain, are free from the shackles of exploitation and discrimination so that they may enjoy freedom, security, and equity. To achieve this, we strictly adhere to the principles of Ethical Trade.

All technicalities aside, to us Ethical Trade essentially means developing a “supply chain with a heart”. Be it manufacturing, sourcing, or supply and distribution – we ensure that each worker on the supply chain receives fair treatment in terms of wages, hours of work, as well as health and safety.

Our sincere commitment to Human Rights is the Pole Star which guides the way we interact and nurture our artisans, both in-house and remote. As a result, Folk has been successful in suppressing the gender bias by employing and empowering all genders and people with disabilities.

We build empathetic relationships with our workers and ensure that they are always treated with dignity and respect. As a social enterprise, our goal isn’t just to make products, but to make a difference.