For us, environmental sustainability has always been at the forefront of all our brand initiatives and product decisions. From its Inception, right through its Completion – Each product designed by Folk is built on the principles of durability and functionality.

Everything is Made to Last.

Studies indicate that tons of used clothing and other articles are discarded by consumers every year as textile waste which causes unimaginable harm to our planet. In an effort to mitigate this damage, Folk has launched a program to optimize for longevity by creating better, more innovative products from existing garments, that were otherwise destined to be disposed, by way of Upcycling or Recycling. This includes the fabric waste generated in our own factory, as well as any old or worn garment sent to us by our patrons.

Our “Spruced” collection of Upcycled products is geared towards diverting waste from landfills, providing functional and creative solutions for garments we no longer use.

Through honest intentions and collective efforts, we are well on our way of achieving our goal of eventually becoming a Zero Waste generating brand.